What have we accomplished in Educational Visioning?

Our goal is to understand the shifts occurring in education and determine their impact on the future of Vandalia Butler City Schools.

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Pre-Session 1 Homework: Global + National Perspective

We are preparing for the future!  As a key member of the community, we need your help to define what that future will look like for our students.  The world has grown into a global marketplace with ever-changing technologies and more and more complex challenges.

We must equip our students to adapt and thrive in this rapidly changing global environment. Please view the videos below to begin to get a glimpse into how education is changing on a local, national and global level.

The VBCSD Educational Visioning Team is tasked with considering what these changes mean for our students and the manners in which they learn.


  • Review of Ohio’s Strategic Plan for Education: 2019-2024
    • Foundational Knowledge and Skills
    • Well-rounded Content
    • Reasoning
    • Social Emotional
  • Strengths Today & Aspirations for 2029 Exercise – Exercise to review the strengths of students’ abilities today vs. aspirations for students’ abilities in 2029. Skills assessed were related to Ohio’s Strategic Plan for Education four domains.
    • Strengths Today – Well-rounded Content
    • Aspirations for 2029 – Reasoning


  • Define Primary Shifts from Survey – Participants were asked to rank learning today in VBCS. Once the current benchmark was established, the participants were asked to rank the future of learning in VBCS.  The shifts gauge the degree of transformation to get from “here” to “there”.  The shits below received the highest ranking.
    • SHIFT 1 – Instruction and learning will be tailored to individuals’ unique needs and interests
    • SHIFT 2 – Students will have a more active role in their learning
    • SHIFT 3 – Facilities and subject matter will be organized to support interdisciplinary Learning
  • Start, Stop, Keep Exercise – Exercise to discuss what the District would need to start, stop and keep doing to implement the primary shifts from survey.
    • Start – Application/Project based learning, interdisciplinary teaching, increase creativity
    • Stop – Focusing on testing only
    • Keep – Adding more project based learning and variety of courses offered


  • Stop Sign Exercise – Exercise to identify potential obstacles or pitfalls that would prevent the successful execution of the vision.
    • Money to implement shifts (professional development, facilities, etc.)
    • Buy in from community
    • State Standards


  • Image Exercise – The Educational Visioning Team was shown a series of photographs of interior learning environments. Participants ranked the spaces that best supported the Primary Shifts.  The top three images were reviewed for features that would support the shifts.
    • Features of learning environment
      • Flexibility of furniture
      • Variety of spaces
      • Transparency of spaces



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